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Shauna Farabaugh

Shauna Farabaugh is a certified Somatic Sex Educator working with women, queer, and gender-fluid individuals in San Francisco, CA. She believes passionately in the right to sexual expression for every body and specializes in pelvic pain and education and advocacy with people with disabilities and illness. Trauma informed and deeply committed to the primacy of emotional expression in the healing and learning processes, she never loses sight of the fact that our sexual yearnings and needs are rooted in and reaching for JOY. With “reverent irreverence” and a profound sense of play, she is honored to support each client’s journey to manifest their fullest vision of their erotic selves. Connect with her at Kink, poly, and sex-worker friendly.

Sher Snow

Sher Snow was the inaugural President of SSEA and served with pleasure and love for 2 years; she is honoured to be the Past-President! Sher is a Somatic Sex Educator who works with individuals, couples and groups at her Victoria studio and around Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and Ontario. She coordinates Body Electric workshops in B.C. Sher is educated (MBA) and believes in continuous learning as there is so much to learn about our bodies and sexuality. She has a natural flair for making people feel at ease, safe, supported and accepted. See her website at You can email her at

Tracy Montgomery

Tracy Montgomery is a Somatic Sex Educator based in Ottawa, ON. A lifelong teacher and learner who believes that life is supposed to feel good, Tracy understands that loving ourselves is the path to the freedom, joy and love we are all looking for. Tracy works with individuals and couples, guiding them on a conscious journey home into their bodies and to themselves through integrative bodywork and intimacy coaching. She also offers workshops on a variety of sexual health topics.