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Archer is passionate about the healing and rejuvenating powers of pleasure! She supports all people in becoming more erotically embodied and empowered, with a special focus and experience in working with people who identify as lesbian. With a background in counselling and coaching, using conscious exploration and embodiment activities she will offer you the opportunity to move at your own pace and in your own way to expand into pleasure and feel yourself come alive. Please send her an email for more information:

Caffyn Jesse

Caffyn Jesse is a Somatic Sex Educator who supports diverse people on their journey to sexual wholeness. People from around the world visit her Salt Spring Island studio, where Caffyn offers workshops and residential retreats. She offers free and paid teachings through online courses and her videos, writings and books. A Certificate in Intimacy Education program is available to advanced students. Caffyn has a Masters degree in Educational Studies with postgraduate training as a Certified Sex Educator (Institute for Advanced Study in Human Sexuality). She co-teaches the Somatic Sex Educator/Sexological Bodywork Canadian training. Visit her award-winning website at

Caitlin K. Roberts

Caitlinis a certified Somatic Sex Educator and is currently finishing her certification at the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment. She has also trained with the International Professional Surrogates Association. She is well-known for her Body Pride workshops, which began in 2011, and her work in developing the feminist alt-porn company, Spit. Her work is queer, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed. Caitlin also specializes in Mindful Masturbation and Porn Literacy for youth and adults.

Christiane Pelmas

Corinne Diachuk

Corinne Diachuk is an advanced teacher of Therapeutic Yoga and a Certified Somatic Sex Educator. She has been offering “Yoga Therapy for Sexual wellness” from her private studio in Victoria BC for several years. She is also honoured to be working together with the SSEA as the association President, and co-facilitator of the professional Sexological Bodywork / Somatic Sex Educator Training. You can find her teaching a yoga class, hosting a sexuality workshop or by scheduling a private session with her in person or via Video conference.

Captain Snowdon

Dr. Captain Snowdon is a Somatic Sex Educator, Counsellor and Relationship Coach. He is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and The Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment in Connecticut. He works in Victoria BC. He co-teaches both of North America’s Somatic Sex Educator Trainings (Sexological Bodywork Training. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health in Human Sexuality and a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. His work has been with communities, families, couples, and individuals and extensively with folks in non-traditional arrangements for the last 20 years.

Emaya Dillon

Emaya(Elfi)Dillon has practiced integrative bodywork for over forty years. She is a Somatic Sex Educator and faculty member at The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island and The Body Electric School. She leads retreats for women, for couples (with Gary Kekoa Dillon) and for all genders (with William McMenniman). She offers compassionate guidance to those who are ready to release sex negative messages and teaches erotic literacy to enhance sexual communication. She creates sacred containers in time and space where we discover gifts of embodied spirituality, celebrate the eros of the natural world, self and each other. We come alive with renewed and expanded views of sexuality, its potential for health, creativity and loving partnerships.

Eva Weaver

Eva Weaver is a Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Art Therapist and Creativity Coach. She supports individuals who have felt disconnected from their sexuality and pleasure, possibly for a long time, who would like to find ways ‘back to sex’ and reclaim their own unique way into a sense of erotic possibility and expression. Eva believes passionately in the healing power of pleasure and in our birthright to a fulfilled sexuality and creativity. To support people to feel more empowered and alive lies at the core of all her work and she brings heart, passion and wisdom from her own healing journey and her creative experiences as a performance artist and writer, art therapist, sexological bodyworker, breathwork practitioner (rebirthing) and creativity coach. She is based in Brighton UK and works worldwide via Skype and phone- email her at or visit her website:


I have been working with people on an intimate level for about 15 years, mostly in the mainstream medical system. I have cared for people who are very vulnerable, and have a high level of dependence on my sound, ethical, treatment and advocacy. I have supported people with acquired, and congenital disabilities, cognitive and physical challenges, disease and dying. I have facilitated therapeutic recreation programming, for adults with developmental disabilities. I have also faced many personal challenges around sexuality, gender, and body image, which today I am grateful for; because they have offered me a chance to awaken to a much vaster world, than what I was previously led to believe existed. I'm so excited to share with those who are curious, the brave, bold, and beautiful reality of pleasurable embodiment; free of guilt and shame, and overflowing with self love, health, and true well-being. It's a reminder that we are never irreparably broken, that we are powerful beyond measure, and that we are so deserving of, and able to achieve, ​a state of bliss. I welcome you on this journey.

Karey Iven

Karey Iven is a Somatic Sex Educator with a certificate in sexological bodywork, Erospirit Certified Intimacy Educator, and Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach. She offers coaching, education, and workshops for individuals, couples and groups with an approach that is positive, personalized, and present. She is passionate about assisting individuals to unearth their own inner erotic voice and body wisdom, and encourages the pursuit of pleasure as a generative means to happier, healthier, individuals and communities.